Lust auf mitspielen?
wir spielen üblicherweise Freitags gegen ca. 19:ooUhr und Mittwochs gegen 19:00 .
Ort: Normalerweise im Rollhockeystadion Böhlitz-Ehrenberg.
Vorsichtshalber schaust du aber noch einmal in unser Forum, oder schreibst eine Mail an bpleipzig[ät]


just a quick one.

6 of us super-freaks made it in only 12hours from leipzig to genève for the 2nd european hardcourt bikepolo championchips. and: i must admit. every tiny little minute was worth it. just amazing.
great polo, great city, great time!!!
winner was l'equipe from genève (already last year's winner)

next week it's already time for the worlds in berlin!
there will be quite a few of us. and it's gonna be fun!!!!
bikes and mallets are well prepared and, of course, beautiful!
any further information on directions and accomodation

and to all the hipsters around:
there'll also be an alleycat on friday evening. 13.8. starts 9pm at brandenburger tor.
and another one just the day after: 14.8. picknick race 6pm at kurt-schumacher-platz

hope to see youse all there!

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