Lust auf mitspielen?
wir spielen üblicherweise Freitags gegen ca. 19:ooUhr und Mittwochs gegen 19:00 .
Ort: Normalerweise im Rollhockeystadion Böhlitz-Ehrenberg.
Vorsichtshalber schaust du aber noch einmal in unser Forum, oder schreibst eine Mail an bpleipzig[ät]



Hi everyone,

It's been a little quite on our blog for the last three months. Nevertheless not on the courts.

As mentioned in the last post, we have been in Berlin for the WorldHardcourtBikePoloChampionship 2010 with two Teams and over ten persons for pick-up an support.
We made only place 31 and 37 in the preliminary tournament. :-)

But with everybody hyped we finally made it to the in-line-hockey-court in Grünau. for our weekly pickups. And since the court is used by in-line-hockey players on Tuesdays, we shifted our under-the-week playing date to Wednesdays.

In October we attended two Tournaments, on 16th of October in Hannover and on October 29-31 in Konstanz.

If we are lucky, we will again be visited by the Dresden-Crew at the End of November.

That seems to be kind of the end of this year's polo season, as it's now back to the usual winter-business, which means it's dark @five and no lights on the court and always worrying about the weather: We still don't have a GOOD "indoor" court, which is especially hard, sibce we're now used to play on our Grunau-Court.

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